LOCOMINT: where crazy ideas begin. Loco – Spanish for crazy & Mint – A place where great ideas are ‘minted’.

Over the course of many years I have guided design on several key feature for many apps and platforms ranging from fin-tech, health-tech, edu-tech and IOT.

I like to build effective teams, and leverage design to create high growth products.

I currently manage designers at Syfe. I have previously managed design teams at PayU and, I have also worked with various advertising agencies such as GREY and Dentsu.

I like to go out in the world, observe and capture everything, which is why I love my bicycle, it helps me escape and go around the city. I love pottery and probably want to have studio by the beach in a few years… 😃

I have mentored many young designers and it makes happy to see all they have achieved.

I also like collaborating on projects and chat over a good cup of coffee.